26 May

Quick Lemonade

It’s sunny. I mean really sunny. In case you haven’t noticed I’ve a bit of an obsession with the weather!

It’s amazing how really good weather affects your mood. The house is looking brighter and it’s so much easier to get through the day when the sun shines. I was walking home with the boys the other day and whatever way the tides were (I can’t see the beach from the house), I could smell the sea and I was transported back to my childhood summers.

Growing up we lived near the sea but not as near as I do now. It was about a 20 min stroll to get the coast and while that was lovely it was the walk back up the hill home was a killer! Every summer for a week or two my Mam would pack up the car, Dad would pack his bag at the last minute, and we would drive to Clogherhead in Louth. It’s not that far away from where I grew up as the crow flies but it was our holiday.

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