Chickpea Stew Recipe – Ad

When Knorr Ireland approached me and asked me if I’d be interested in devising a simple recipe to use their stockpots I was delighted to take on the challenge because I do use stockpots and stockcubes on a regular basis. Even though I do make my own homemade stock in the slow cooker, I don’t …

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Making A Start Progress Report – Ad

Here I am, nearly 3 weeks since I committed to making a change to our family eating habits and our reward systems in association with SafeFood. It’s about time I updated you all on our progress. Changes to Reward Systems

Potato Corn Soup Recipe – Ad

Potatoes are a staple part of our family diet, and so when Potato.ie aka “Potatoes More Than A Bit On The Side” got in touch to see would I be interested in designing a new recipe for all the family to enjoy it wasn’t a hard decision to take. The past two weekends, while I’ve …

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One Pan No Bake Granola With Manuka Honey #Ad

As you might know, we keep bees and harvest our own raw honey. Rowse Honey recently contacted me to see would I like to try out their range of Manuka Honeys and come up with a breakfast recipe for them. When we’ve used up our own raw honey though (yes it happens *cry*) getting our …

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Swift Baked Crispy Potatoes #Ad

It’s National Potato Day in Ireland today and when I was asked to develop a new recipe especially for the celebration I found it hard to say no. If you ask me, everyday is a potato day! There’s a reason why I don’t grow potatoes at the allotment. I certainly could if I wanted to, …

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Make The Most Of Time

I wish I could just press a pause button. I look at the boys and I think that this is the best age. The 2-year-old is so much fun. He’s great at getting what he wants, especially if it involves tickles or kisses. He’s transforming from my precious miracle into a little man; and while …

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