04 Mar

St Patrick’s Day Pie

St Patrick’s Day Pie is made at a time of the year when the core ingredients are still fresh, seasonal, and local. I accept it’s also a cheesy/corny name for a pie, but with the green, white, and gold colours what else could I call it?

Apparently it’s “Pie Week” in the UK. There’s a week for pies now? I just had to redeem myself after the whole Leftovers Pie affair a few weeks ago.

St Patrick's Day Pie - Wholesome Ireland

You could eat this pie still warm from the oven, or you could wait for it to go completely cold, wrap it in a snug covering of greaseproof paper, then put it in the fridge overnight. Then, as I did, stuff a hunk into the bottom of your bag for lunch-on-the-go the following day. Some meals are best if you can resist eating them for a while. Read More

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