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    Preparing For A Power Cut

    Ever since the power went one Christmas Day when I was growing up, I’ve compiled a contingency plan so that I always have particular supplies in the house, just in case.¬† This can apply in times of bad weather, snow or just when there are supply problems so it’s a good idea to prepare now – you never know when these tips will come in handy!

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    Jellybean Rainbow Cake

    This cake looks like it was lifted straight from Willy Wonka’s factory, however it is incredibly easy to make. You don’t need to be an experienced baker, all you need is patience. You may have come across this recipe when I shared it before the Irish Constitutional Referendum a number of years ago; I believe in equality for all families in all their wonderful shapes and sizes. I’ve also shared this recipe to celebrate #PRIDE because I believe that for too long people who do not conform to the norm have not been treated equally, and continue to be discriminated against. We can do better. Pride is an opportunity to…

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    Leftover Lamb Pasta

    I admit, not everybody will have eaten lamb today; lamb is relatively expensive to bu!. I’d bet though that if you did buy lamb for your Easter Sunday roast, you really don’t want to throw away any of that precious meat. This leftover lamb pasta recipe is especially designed for the itty bitty pieces that don’t come away easily when carving. They are perfect shredded into the sauce, browned until caramelised and cling to the pasta in nutty morsels.

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    Roast Lamb Feast

    This Easter Sunday we’ll all gather as a family; my siblings, our partners, our children, and my parents, and we’ll enjoy this classic roast lamb feast. When I say a classic roast lamb feast that’s not strictly true in the Irish sense of the term. The flavours and the food that we will eat together are a reflection of us as a family. The meal speaks to us of a time spent in the Middle East when Dad was serving with UNIFIL and the youngest of us was still in nappies. It’s a meal that we will all contribute to. I’ve already been told I’m responsible for the vegetables, which…

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    Fruity Lunchbox Muffins

    What do you put in your kids’ lunchboxes? Are you concerned with the contents of bought-in packets, or maybe you’re trying to lower the amount of plastic packaging within the lunchbox. These fruity lunchbox muffins are dual purpose. They have a healthy, yet stealthy portion of 1 of your 7-a-day recommended fruit and veg intake. The muffins also have a secret to reducing refined sugar in lunchbox treats that might surprise you. Once a fortnight I make a batch of 24 muffins for the lunchboxes. I freeze what we don’t need immediately and simply take out what we need the night before school. That means the muffins are always fresh.…

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    Pork Wrap With Lime Salsa

    Make Once Eat Twice Week 4 Recipe 2 The second recipe in the series is another simple assembly job. If you intend on using the rice you used the night before you might like to read my tips for cooling rice quickly so that you don’t risk food poisoning. Leftover pork can be a little bit bland and this is the reason why I pair the pork with a lime salsa. It’s extremely easy to make. Ingredients Handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped Juice of 1 lime Pinch of salt 1 Red onion, peeled and diced 1 green pepper, diced Method Stir all the ingredients together in a bowl and leave…

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    Pork And Rice With Beans

    Make Once Eat Twice Week 4 Recipe 1 My friend Karin is originally from Brazil and her rice and beans are a thing of legend. She’s pretty partial to our free-range pork so a variation of her rice and beans recipe with a roast pork shoulder is the perfect way to marry her Brazilian traditional food and our Irish ingredients. For the Beans. Karin recommends rinsing the black beans at least 3 times to remove dust/dirt/residue and then soaking them overnight. Once they have soaked for at least 12 hours you can boil the beans on the hob for 1 hour. Alternatively if you have a pressure cooker (her method…

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    Roasted Veg Pasta

    Make Once Eat Twice Week 3 Recipe 2 If you made yesterday’s meal of Paprika Chicken with Vegetables you should by now have half of the vegetables along with the leftover chicken from the roast chicken. This meal is now extremely simple. Ingredients Pasta (I used spaghetti here but any type is fine) 1 bag of spinach Leftover roasted vegetables Leftover Chicken Method Boil some water and cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet. Make only as much as you need (so check the portion sizes on the packet). 1 minute before your pasta is ready, lash spinach into the boiling water with the pasta. It’ll only…

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    Paprika Chicken With Vegetables

    Make Once Eat Twice Week 3 Recipe 1 Before I get started on the actual recipe for Paprika Chicken With Vegetables I want to ask you how many racks you have in your oven? Everytime I put a meal into my oven I hear my Grandmother admonishing me to make the most of the cooking space. In the past year I added a third rack to my (fan) oven which really makes a huge difference to what I can fit inside it to cook. Also, even with a fan oven you can still cook items on the bottom of the oven (yes seriously). Think of the bottom of the oven…

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    Shakshuka – Baked Eggs

    Week 2: Recipe 2 Make Once Eat Twice To make this simple and delicious meal of shakshuka (baked eggs) you’ll need half of the sauce made yesterday for the taco fries. Although to be fair you could make this first, and the taco fries second if you wanted to! I use small baking dishes for everyone in the family so each person gets a dish with sauce and 1 egg. However, if you don’t have these you can bake this meal in a large ovenproof baking dish and dole out the individual portions once cooked. Ingredients (serves 5 people) Half of the sauce recipe made yesterday 5 eggs Handful of…