Time For Reflection

Since January my life accelerated at a ‘Turbo-Fast’ pace.

You’ll excuse the kids’ film reference, I spend my days with 2 small boys after all.

It became hard to stand still, take stock, make time for reflection.

I’ve been feeling very tired and because I was so busy I became bogged down. The housework mounted.

What I’m saying is, I’m taking a break from my blog for a few days. Just a few. I need to get stuck into the house. Clear out the stuff that we’re suffocating under; make way for more light and air.

The aim is that when I’m done, I’ll have found the bottom of my wash-basket, consciously coupled hundreds of socks, cooked a few meals without recipe testing, drunk a mug of tea from start to finish without sitting in front of the computer. That kind of thing.

When I reach the end, if I’ve done things right; I’ll have a clearer house and, as a consequence, a clearer mind.

See you on the other side. In a few days.

Featured image is one I took at Bloom 2012. Just because.

14 thoughts on “Time For Reflection”

  1. My boys are now 14 & 18. I gave up conscious coupling of socks several years ago. They all lie, uncoupled and quite happy, in a big basket and the boys help themselves every morning. Enjoy your break!

    1. It’s all to do with reducing our lifestyle D. So I need to sort out everything to figure out what we need. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate, including socks!

  2. Having only deactivated my own facebook account recently for some social media detox, it’s funny how we pendulum between the craving to communicate with like minded individuals, and then refocus on the real tangeable things in life. Like most things, all about striking the right balance 🙂

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