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Turbo FAST

Finally it’s Christmas Eve and the kids are pure wired here. A couple of weeks ago we nipped along to a preview screening of the new, exclusive series on Netflix for kids “Turbo FAST” and the boys have been driving me demented to watch it again since. It’s great to have something that’s not Christmas themed to take their minds off things for a few minutes anyway.

For anybody that hasn’t heard of the snail with attitude, Turbo was a character who first appeared in a film of the same name. The boys loved the original film and this is the first original children’s cartoon series created exclusively for Netflix.  It was also the first time that we were able to sit in a cinema as a family.  Honestly I thought the 2 year old would make a break for freedom as we’d never brought him before but he loved it!  The fact that the cartoons are only 20 minutes long may have helped.

So if like me, you’re struggling to keep the kids entertained today, here is a free printable party-kit that you can give them to play with.  6 brand new episodes of the series appeared on Netflix UK & Ireland this morning and there will be more episodes added over the coming weeks and months. For more information on the series visit the Team Turbo FAST website and they even have an app if you’re interested.

We’ve had Netflix in the house for over a year. I love that I can set up a separate profile for children under the age of 12 and exclude certain genres from what they will see in their suggested content sections.  I also love that it’s far cheaper than renting movies from the local rental shop, that I don’t have to remember to bring back a DVD and it’s cheaper than a subscription to a satellite service. Need I mention that I don’t have to sit through commercial breaks?

Disclosure: I’m part of the Netflix Stream Team and will be sharing bits and pieces with you that I find of interest every now and again.  More information will follow in future blogposts.

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