Wholesome Weight Loss

This is the first ever time I’ve done this so please be gentle with me. I’ve video-blogged/vlogged a piece about improving my fitness levels and weight loss.

If you have any questions, just ask below and hopefully I’ll have another one for you very soon!


5 thoughts on “Wholesome Weight Loss”

  1. Lovely to see you and hear your voice! Congratulations on your first vlog, so down to earth and such a healthy approach to reaching your goal. Congratulations also on your 17lbs weight loss…wow, that’s brilliant! You’ve given me a boot up the you know what to get back to where I was. So hard to keep the loss off I find. First goal : lose the crutch!! xx

  2. Excellent, so practical and down to earth and a good reminder that most of us should be moving a bit more. Well done!

  3. Great to see you….and a big congratulations! A very positive post. My children would tell you that if I can’t get out to do ‘my steps’ and end up watching TV or sitting doing something I do them while sitting.

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