Yellow Sticker Dinner

I won’t bore you with the details. I have been reverting to the yellow sticker section of the local Supermarket for meals more often than usual.

Today’s yellow sticker dinner has been brought to you courtesy of various yellow stickers and a jar of chilli jelly that I picked up at Bloom on Sunday. A dinner which fed the five of us well. The pictures are to feed one person but the quantities and prices listed are for all the family.


1lb of pork mince which was going to be out of date today. I dry stir fried with a teaspoon of smoked paprika and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


A stale baton of french stick.  I pulled the inside bread out of the baton and I’ll use it for breadcrumbs tomorrow.  I then smeared it with a teaspoon of rich chilli jelly.


300g bag of beansprouts past their best before date.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


A bag of rubbery carrots which were fine once peeled and grated.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The chilli jelly was expensive but we didn’t use it all. A mere teaspoon per person and the jar is still more than half full.  Dinner was supplemented with fresh salad leaves and other vegetables from the allotment.  The ingredients I bought (excluding the chilli jelly) cost €3.25 which fed our family of 5.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Happiness is fresh food, served simply and enjoyed with family.

I hope you’re all enjoying the sun! What’s seldom is wonderful.

8 thoughts on “Yellow Sticker Dinner”

  1. Hi I am always looking at the yellow sticker section and never buy because im so fussy with meat but on saturday i looked and they had great meat going which would be out of date on Sunday. i put it in the freezer straight away as it still wasnt past its sell-by date, is that OK?? Not good with that side of things I am always nervous espec whem i am going to give to the kids!

    1. Hi Berty That is absolutely perfect & exactly what I would do. Just defrost it the day you’re cooking it. Cook & serve on the same day if possible. I hope you saved loads!

  2. I just called into my butcher, who I call into twice a week and he very kindly gave me 10 burgers, a lasagne, lamb chops and some fruit all of which needs to be used today but can be frozen for free! I am thrilled. We have a minimal food budget here and an unexpected car expense has left us broke.

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